Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quick introduction

I thought to myself this evening, "The stuff I write on Facebook gets a bit lengthy and verbose at times, I should start a blog." So I am doing just that. I figured I can cross-post at FB for the benefit of my friends and that perhaps others outside my FB loop might also find this blog and decide to become "followers." Not that I really care all that much about gaining followers, but I suppose it'd be neat if I did.

Anyway as the "About Me" says I'm trying to simultaneously be a graduate (specifically doctoral, PhD) student and stay-at-home dad. Most days the dad part takes priority, this has been especially true since July when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, specifically neuroblastoma. I will write a separate post at some point including all the details about that for the benefit of those who don't know them already. But I do want to specify that this blog is not going to be all about childhood cancer or being a parent of a child with cancer, though it's certainly possible or even probable that there will be quite a few posts about that. Having a child diagnosed with cancer is after all, to borrow the words of my former Senator and now our VP Joe Biden, "a big fucking deal."

Anyway, here it is, hope it doesn't suck too much and that I stick with it long enough to entertain someone other than myself.

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